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Optica Center

Development of a corporate website and redesign of the logo for the chain of stores “Optics Center”, which was founded in December 1970 in Zaporozhye. Modern and clear design. The client can get acquainted with all services, prices. And if you do not find the right information, you can ask a question on the site.

Visit the site:

Completed work:

  • Photography.
  • Site design.
  • Technical realization: front-end, back-end.
  • Logo redesign.
  • Module “question-answer” for greater communication with customers.
  • Copywriting
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Technical Manual
  • Design and production of calendars
оптика центр Запорожье

Brand: Optica Center

City: Zaporizhzhia

Service: portfolio

дизайн календарей
дизайн календаря Оптика Центр Запорожье
разработка логотипа